For trips and trekking you can ask the local guide Alfons. He will be at the hotel daily between 3 and 7 pm. All trips and trekking offered on our website are his. This is his private business.
We put them on our website for information and for you to get an idea of the possibilities.
He has a Facebook page and his what’s app number is +62 823 390 291 84 Therefore we are NOT responsible for any complaints concerning these trips.

There are 1 day trips and also trackings up to 3 days organized by Alfons (Professional Guide).

Alfons your Tour Guide in Bajawa
Trip 1 Wawo Muda and Hotspring. : Rp. 600.000 (A)
Trip 2 Wogo, Luba, Bena and Hotspring. : Rp. 800.000 (A)
Trip 3 Bela, Luba, Bena and Hotspring. : Rp. 800.000 (A)
Trip 4 Paukate, Belaraghi, Beach, Arakproces : Rp. 950.000 (A)

Tracking 1 Bea, Tude, Bena and Hotspring. : Rp. 900.000 (A)
Tracking 2 Bena, Tololela, Gurusina, Hotspring. : Rp. 900.000 (A)
Tracking 3 Bajawa, Watu, Maghilewa, Beach Arak place, Bajawa. : Rp. 2.000.000 (B)
Tracking 4 Bea, Nage, Malange, Gurusina, Tololela, Bena, Luba. : Rp. 1.500.000 (B)
Tracking 5 Beiposo, Belaraghi, Beach, Arakproces. : Rp. 2.500.000 (C)
Tracking 6 Bea, Nage, Malange, Gurusina, Tololela, Watu, Maghilewa, Beach, Arak Place, Bajawa. : Rp. 3.500.000 (D)

A: 1 day, 1 or 2 person Transport and Guide.
B: 2 days, 1 till 4 person All include.
C: 2 days, 1 till 2 person All include.
D: 3 days, 1 till 4 person All include.

Make a choice:
1. Wogo, Luba, Bena and hotspring (A or B)
2. Bela, Luba, Bena and hotspring (A or B)
3. Luba, Bena, Gurusina and Hotspring (A or B)

A» 1 day 1 person 1 motor and Guide (with his motor) Rp. 325.000
B» 1 day 2 person 1 motor and Guide (with his motor) Rp. 500.000

For more information or booking:
Alfons : +62 85 339 05 13 31
Hotel Happy Happy : +62 85 333 70 44 55

Motorbike Rental (Hotel Business)
We also provide motorbike rental for those who want to explore the area of Bajawa by themselves. We have automatic bikes for rent. All 3 bikes are maintained properly by the dealer. Flat tires happen every where, therefore we are not responsible for that. You can find bengkels on the side of the road where they can repair your tire. Might anything occur during your rental please call the hotel so we can assist you. You get a full fuel tank as you start and you have to hand it in with a full tank. Maps  off the area of Bajawa are for free and you find them at the reception desk.

Price per day:  Rp 100k.

– helmet

– Excluding fuel and insurance.

You are fully responsible for loss and any accidents.
Transport between towns can be arranged at the hotel. Ask the staff to call bus or travel car. Airport pick up can also be arranged. NOT like other hotels and home stays we ask NO commission for arranging transport.
Do not buy bus ticket or travel car ticket beforehand. Pay at the bus on arrival. This also applies to travel cars (shared taxi)
For more information look at