Bajawa is located in the middle of Flores and has a lot of traditional villages to discover. It will take about 8’to 10 hours to get there from Labuan Bajo or Maumere. So take your time to discover the beautiful island of Flores.

What to discover around Bajawa.

Traditional villages
Explore the traditional villages and learn about their traditions.
Catholicism mixed with animism very special combination.
The area of Ngada ( Bajawa) has also a matriarch system.

Traditional weaving around the area of Langga and Jerebu.
See how long and difficult it is to make a beautiful ikat.

You can also hike between villages.
There are different tracks.
You can choose between 1 day track or tracks from 2 days or longer and stay over night in the village with the local people.
A very nice experience but do not expect any luxury it is really back to basic.

Volcanos to climb
There is a relatively small Vulcano to climb.
It is called Wawomuda.
It is a easy walk and will take about 1 1/2 hours up and 1 hour down.
It is a very nice walk through coffee plantations and has a nice view of Bajawa.
In the rainy season it has a small color lake.

Gunung Inerie
This is a difficult Vulcano to climb.
It will take about 4 hours up and 3 to 4 hours down.
We advise for the real challengers.
The vest time to start climbing is at 4 am.

Hot spring and waterfalls
Close to Nage is a very nice hot spring called Malanage Is has a very cold and very hot stream coming together in the river.
The hotspring at Soa is called Mangaruda and has different pools.
There are also some nice waterfalls to discover such as Ogi, Waibua and Waeroa.

Bajawa has a daily colourful market.
Mataloko has a weekly market every Saturday.
Waerebo has its weekly market on Wednesday.

So you see there is a lot to discover in Bajawa, so take your time.